Camaldolese Benedictine Monastery

San Luis Obispo, CA


We are a community of Camaldolese Benedictine monks who live in community together and pray along with visiting guests, oblates and friends.

The life a Camaldolese Benedictine monk centers on the seeking of Jesus Christ through the ancient, but ever new, monastic heritage of Saint Benedict, as enriched by Saint Romuald.

This life radiates outward in various rhythms, involving him in solitude and community, silence and fraternal encounter, prayer and work, study and recreation.

He is dedicated to the love and praise of God in the bond of fraternal charity.

  We welcome guests.

You are invited to visit, to join us for communal prayer, to spend time in private, silent prayer in the chapel, to meditate while walking or sitting on the grounds, for spiritual direction, to join us as a group for a facilitated retreat, to stay as a guest for a personal, private retreat or to take a virtual retreat.

  To make a RESERVATION to stay as a guest.

  To visit our online store to SHOP for books and gifts. Or visit us in person on Sundays between 12:00PM and 2PM

For INFORMATION, PRAYER REQUESTS, TO BOOK THE FACILITY FOR YOUR GROUP or to schedule an appointment for SPIRITUAL DIRECTION or to explore booking a (remote or in person) PREACHED CONFERENCE uniquely tailored  to your group, please call 805-544-1810.