About Our Location

The Monastery of the Risen Christ in San Luis Obispo is situated just inland beyond the coastal mountains in the shadow of Cerro Romauldo in the “Irish Hills” and overlooking Hollister Peak. Located on 40 acres at an elevation of 600 feet, the Monastery is surrounded by Seven of the Nine Sisters (a chain of ancient volcanic peaks), farm lands, eucalyptus, oak, pine and morrows of the surrounding area. The views of both valleys and morrows is a natural setting profoundly beautiful and conducive to the contemplative way of life.

History and Charism

Camaldolese Benedictine monks trace their heritage to the 6th century monastic traditions of Saint Benedict, as further defined in the 11th century by their founder, Saint Romuald.

Saint Romuald and Monks, Camaldoli, Italy

The three elements of the Camaldolese charism are:

  • Solitude for personal prayer and meditation
  • Communal prayer and work within the monastery
  • Contemplative outreach

Founded in 1027, the Hermitage at Camaldoli, Italy serves as the motherhouse of the Order. Our Sister Monasteries include New Camaldoli in Big Sur and Incarnation in Berkeley, California.  In addition, Camaldolese monasteries are found on the continents of Asia, Africa, and North & South America in addition to Europe.

Monastery of the Risen Christ

The Monastery of the Risen Christ began as a Mission from Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey, Pecos, New Mexico in May 1987, by Fr. Ray Roh O.S.B. (1932-2017).

In March 1992 it became an independent Priory with the arrival of Abbot David Geraets, O.S.B., as Superior. There were several others in the founding group from New Mexico that included: Fr. Stephen Odenbrett, O.S.B., Fr Albert Meyer, O.S.B., Fr. Raymond Greco, O.S.B., and Marie DeSciullo Obl. O.S.B.

In March of 2013, the monastery was released from the founding affiliation of the Olivetan Congregation.

In February of 2014, after many months of communication between the Benedictine Superiors of the Camaldolese Congregation and the Olivetan Congregation, the Monastery of the Risen Christ became a dependent monastery of New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, California.

Over the years, our monastery has been blessed by the generosity of many wonderful benefactors. We continue to humbly appeal to those who have supported us in the past for continued charity.

The monks’ labors include hospitality, retreats, virtual and live wisdom conferences.  Also included are a physical book and gift store and on-line store. Additionaly, the monks provide in-person, phone and virtual spiritual direction by appointment.

The monks’ prayer life centers around the Liturgy of the Hours, Meditation/Adoration, Eucharist, Lectio Divina and individual prayer and contemplation.

Daily Life

Saint Benedict challenged each monk to “pray without ceasing” during a day devoted to the practice of Prayer (Liturgy & Lectio) and Work, Ora et Labora.


        Liturgy refers to the four times a day when the monks gather together to pray in common. Communal prayer includes the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Adoration and Eucharist.

Guests, Visitors, Oblates and Friends are invited to participate in communal prayer at the monastery.

 The daily prayer schedule and the daily psalms and readings for Lauds and Vespers may be found here for those who wish to join in communal prayer with us at a distance.

Lectio is solitary prayer, a practice especially emphasized in Camaldolese spirituality. It incorporates scriptural study and contemplative meditation.

WORK (Labora)

Labor is a required part of each day. All monks routinely share the daily tasks of community living, from preparing the daily common meal to washing pots and pans.

In addition, monks employ their personal talents in art, music, writing, teaching, baking, office management, gardening, facility maintenance, etc.

Throughout the day, each monk attempts first and foremost to remain constantly aware of the presence of God.

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