Dear patrons of the Monastery of the Risen Christ,

The Health Department has directed all public facilities in the county of San Luis Obispo to require people to wear masks at indoor events, due to the outbreak of sars-cov-2 delta. This is in effect as of September 1rst and is too be complied with regardless of vaccination status. Our Bishop Daniel Garcia has notified us to comply with the Safety Code 120295 of SLO County Health Department.We pray for all affected by this terrible outbreak and for the families and friends you may have that are vulnerable in any way.Let us pray for the healing of all nations, suffering and especially those who have no or inadequate health care.

In Christ,Prior Daniel Manger, O.S.B., Cam.

We welcome you for day visits our Monastery. You may walk the labyrinth, pray along the path of our outdoor Way of the Cross, mindfully walk the various trails, meditate/pray in the chapel or seated on one of the numerous benches scattered around the grounds. Please maintain the atmosphere of prayerful silence, and refrain from entering the monastic enclosure.  We ask that you maintain social distance and wear a mask in the chapel, and in all indoor spaces, in keeping with COVID-19 safety protocols .


The chapel is open during regular hours. You are invited to join us for communcal prayer during yor day visit. Go here for the Daily Prayer Schedule.

Guests and day visitors may use the chapel for personal prayer and meditation. 

In keeping with Rule of St. Benedict 52 and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to prayer and contemplation, please turn off cell phones and keep silence in the chapel.


Unless in use by reservation, the conference and break room adjacent to the Chapel are open to use for reading, study or meals. Food in the break room is for reserved guests, however you are welcome to bring your own lunch and eat it in the conference room, if it is not in use. Please thoroughly clean up the conference and break room after use, and secure the doors and outdoor trash can lids to discourage animal and insect visitors.

Meditative Walks

To further provide an environment of reflection, our property has a labyrinth near the monastery entrance and a nearby Way of the Cross trail for meditation walks. Both of  these walks are typically carefully maintained and several benches are available along these paths for rest and mediation.

In addition, there are two short meditation trails on the hill up and behind the monastic enclosure.  These trails start at the monks’ main, private residence and wind up the hillside. Both offer a beautiful vista of our valley and surrounding area and morros.

The Labyrinth, Way of the Cross, hiking trails and sitting areas are open to guests and visitors for day use.  Please maintain the atmosphere of quietude conducive to prayer and contemplation while making use of the monastery grounds. Please respect the privacy and boundaries of the monastic enclosure and refrain from entering, unless invited.

Way of the Cross
Fall Colors

          Please be advised that the grounds surrounding the monastery are shared with wildlife and be mindful to all the aspects of nature. Varieties of wildlife include deer, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, snakes and other local species.

      Some areas of the trail may have Poison Oak which is native to the area. We do our best to safely remove these plants however they sometimes grow back, so be mindful while walking or hiking the grounds.

Spiritual Direction

To schedule an appointment for Spiritual Direction during your day visit,

 please call 805-544-1810.

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