He is Risen, Hallelujah!!


Easter Sunday Services April 4th 11 AM


Saturday April 3rd 8 PM

Decoration of palm leaves with lilies


During time of lent 2021 we will gatherevery Thursday for a virtual Collatio to reflect on Sundays gosple readings.

Collatio Feb 18, 2021

Camaldolese Oblate Paula Huston to host a virtual retreat on “Forgiving in Advance: Six Monastic Strategies That Can Help You Navigate Important Relationships in the Midst of Social Turmoil”

Paraclete Press has a series of online retrats this month of October and Paula Huston, New Camaldoli Monastery Oblate will host a retreat on October 9th 2020 at 9AM. For more information please visit Paraclete Press Online Fall Retreat series, or go directly to the event registration page

Feast of Corpus Christi marks Monastery of the Risen Christ’s safe reopening!

San Luis Obispo, Monastery Of the Risen Christ Chapel

The Conventual Franciscan Novices, on retreat here for their preparation for profession of simple vows, are pictured with Fr. Stephen Coffey OSB, Cam, as the community joins in celebration of the Eucharist.

The National Conventual Franciscan Novitiate requested that Father Daniel be the retreat director for their novices here at Monastery of the Risen Christ June 1rst thru 5th. They are the class of 2020 and may God bless them one and all from Father Daniel and Father Stephen!


I. Consent to God

II. Silent Revealing – Disassembling-Reassembling Personal Life

III. Talking with the Humblest of All

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