Monastic Renewal of Vows

Please join us in celebrating Br. Thomas who renewed his simple vows on May 24th at Monastery of the Risen Christ.

Congratulations and many blessing!

8th Anniversary of Our Camaldolese Presence at Monastery of the Risen Christ

On the 17th of February the monastic community arrived at Monastery of the Risen Christ to commence the transfer process of the monks who belonged to the Olivetian monastic congregation. We have arrived 8 years hence and the monastery has thrived in its outreach through retreats, and various developments expanding the Camaldolese outreach to the greater communities of faith and our own Catholic community here in SLO county. We are grateful for God’s blessings on all who have assisted us in this new endeavor for our Camaldolese congregation, including Prior Cyprian and the monks of New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, our Prior General Allessandro Barban in Italy and our Oblate members and other benefactors! The photos were taken on Sunday February 20th so as to have the fullest celebration with Oblates, monks and friends. It was a wonderful and joyfilled celebration of prayer and a nice reception provided by MaryPat and Ron George, flowers provided by Mary Maloney and Jenny Becker and other volunteers, who made a special day for all to celebrate a vision come true.May the Risen Christ bless each and everyone and continue to aid us as monks and oblates in this gospel venture of the Spirit in the coming years!

Prior Daniel Manger

Father Stephen Coffee

St. Matthew the Apostle Bell

On the 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time Prior Cyprian joined us monks and community for the blessing of the our chapel bell . The Chumas woman came, to open the liturgy with the ‘Blessing of the 4 Directions’ commemorating Matthew Becker, the son of Jenny Becker a long time friend of the monastery who died recently and had donated to the monastery a bell crafted by her son. Prior Cyprian consecrated the bell St. Matthew the Apostle. Bells are as Cyprian reminded us are to make us aware of the pervading presence of God and the worship and devotion we are called back to be centered upon, as we hear the the bells tolled at our churches. It was a joyous day for one and all and celebration of gratitude

Decoration of palm leaves with lilies

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