Oblates of the Monastery of the Risen Christ

For information about becoming an Oblate or about the Oblate Formation Program, please contact:

Fr. Stephen Coffey OSB, Cam.

Oblate Director

Email: sgcoffey@yahoo.com

Mary Pat George

Oblate Coordinator

Email: ronandmpg@gmail.com

Camaldolese Oblates

The Christian monastic tradition can be traced back at least to the 3rd century, and there have been Oblates connected with monastic communities, in various ways, practically from the beginning. Camaldolese Benedictine Oblates continue in this great tradition.

Our Oblates are lay persons or members of other orders or diocesan clergy (or even bishops) who seek to live a life in harmony with God through the Camaldolese Oblate Rule, striving to incorporate its values, rhythms and spirituality into their lives.

Over 600 men and women from all over the world have become Camaldolese Oblates.

When possible, they regularly return to New Camaldoli Hermitage and/or to Incarnation Monastery for spiritual retreat, as well as attend, when possible, local Oblate retreats offered in various areas and/or our annual Camaldolese Oblate gathering.

Camaldolese Oblates are recognized as Benedictine Oblates by all Benedictine Abbeys and Monasteries around the world.

Oblature Profession of new Oblates
Oblate Gathering

Our dear friend and long time Oblate, Theresa Udall, has passed.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory. Click here for a remembrance celebarting her life

Oblate Formation Day –


Presenters: Fr. Stephen Coffey, Paula Huston and a Panel of Oblates.

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